Rails internationalization - locale-selector released

Just released the first public version of the locale_selector. locale_selector is an internationalization library and provides a wrapper around the ruby-gettext gem.

You can install it simply by

gem install locale_selector

or see the complete installation instructions

Duesseldorf at night


  • Offers a convinient way to specify the list of locales supported by your application.
  • Provides a html UI control for locale selection.
  • Maintains the user preference in a cookie and provides callback for saving the preference e.g. in a database.
  • Offers rake tasks for maintaining the translations. The suggested translation maintenance workflow is really enterprise proven. E.g. updating single po-files according to the real world responsibility distribution.

Provides some fixes and improvements for the ruby-gettext library:

  • better parsing for ActiveRecord models in some edge cases:

    • namespaced classes
    • multiple model classes per file
    • and most important - fix for models, that are loaded in environment.rb due to e.g. referencing by a observer
  • html escaping built into the underscore _() method

  • better customization for ActiveRecord validation methods - you can now avoid including the field name if you wish

The fixes will be eventually merged into and released with the next releases of ruby-gettext. But for the impatient - just install the locale_selector with the monkey patches.

You can also browse the source code.


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