impress!ve - presentation for geeks

Recently I’ve discovered a great presentation tool chain for real geeks:

  • beamer latex class to describe the slides in latex
  • vim for editing
  • impressive (former keyJnote) by keyJ for displaying

There are two points for improvement in this chain though.

Markdown plus latex

A pure latex file demands too much markup for my taste, exactly as an html file requires too much angle brackets. I am going to use something like markdown with latex fragments the same way you can use html in markdown as a fallback for the case you need something special.

Motivation for the impressive fork

Macs have the perfect presentation software: while an external beamer shows the slide you are talking about, your notebook shows

  • the current slide
  • the next slide
  • time elapsed for the current slide
  • total elapsed time

This is exactly what I need and what impressive is unfortunately missing - the dual monitor (dual head) feature.

impressive is implemented in python and the source code seems to be a perfect foundation:

  • the code looks clean
  • it is a bit C style, not object oriented - a lot of global, not (deeper) structured variables, but it is OK

So keep an eye on


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