Düsseldorf on Rails with Gregg Pollack

Yesterday we had Gregg Pollack from Rails Envy as a guest speaker at our small local user group in Düsseldorf.

His Rails Envy webcasts are very popular. But to see and to hear his presentations live is even better!

He talked about recent and upcoming changes in Rails and about other Rails 3 related stuff:

  • modularization of Rails and how it should improve the competition between different O/R mappers, support for different JavaScript libraries etc.
  • introducing Rack and Metal to Rails and scenarios, where performance can be significantly improved by introducing additional middleware like Rack::Cache
  • reverse HTTP proxies and how it works (or does not work) in diffrent scenarios

He also talked about implementation details:

  • how more consious definition of the Rails public API promises to decrease the pain caused by a typical switch to a newer minor version of Rails
  • how less and less invasive meta programming and revival of object oriented techniques improves both the performance and the readability of Rails internal implementation (also my favorite topic)

All in once it was a great fun!


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