rubygems 1.3.3 released

Some time ago I modified the gem server to provide a convinient search for the documentation of locally installed gems.

Now it is part of the official rubygems 1.3.3 release. Just update your rubygems with

sudo gem update --system

After you restart the gem server you can see the new search box in the upper right corner of the page. You can type in a part of the gem name and after pressing the enter key you will be immediately redirected to the rdoc of the desired gem or presented with a list of matching gems.

main page with the search box

You can also define a custom search word in your browser (at least Firefox and Opera support this). I’ve connected shortcut:rdoc to http://localhost:8808/rdoc?q=%s. Now I can type ‘rdoc hp’ to jump directly to the documentation of the hpricot gem.

address bar

And if you use the sdoc for generating your local Ruby documentation you can immediately continue with typing the name of then method. That way I typically need only about two seconds to get to the documentation of the desired method:

  • Ctrl+T in Firefox for a new tab
  • ‘rdoc core’, press ENTER
  • ‘insteval’, press ENTER and I can read the documentation for the Object#instance_eval method.


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