Colorize Django Test Output

While practicing Test Driven Development I run tests frequently so it is important for me to see at a glance if they failed or OK. Unfortunately it is not easy with a simple black/white “OK” in between of all the tracing and debugging messages.

Here is a simple patch to fix that annoyance:

  1. By default Django 1.1 uses the system wide unittest module. So first we have to locate the relevant For my Ubuntu Linux 10.04 locate returns 7 hits. The relevant one is /usr/lib/python2.6/

  2. Now monkey-patching the We will insert some escape sequences, that are understood by every terminal application supporting colors. Search for “OK” (located in the method run), replace with

     "\x1b[0;32;1mTESTED - OK\x1b[0m"
  3. Then enrich “FAILED” with

     "\x1b[0;31;1mTESTS FAILED ("

No we have a colorful TEST FAILED or TESTED OK. Enjoy!

Even better solution

Django supports setting the test runner through the TEST_RUNNER setting. So the “proper” (non-monkey-patching) way would be to

  1. write an own test runner
  2. inherit it from the default test runner
  3. do customization
  4. set TEST_RUNNER in the to that new class


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